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A cryptanalysis tool for classical ciphers

Welcome to Ganzúa's home page. Ganzúa is a cryptanalysis tool for monoalphabetic and polyalphabetic ciphers that can work with almost any set of characters. Since it is a Java application, it may be executed on any platform for which an implementation of the Java 2 Runtime Environment exists, which includes:

Ganzúa is an internationalized program. This means that it will use your system's preferred language and country settings (or those you specify directly to Ganzúa) on its interface, if available. As of version 1.01, Ganzúa has been adapted to English and Spanish.

Ganzúa is open source software covered by the General Public License (GPL), which grants you many more rights than most software licenses, including access to the source code and freedom to change it.

For more information about the current release of Ganzúa read the About and Documentation sections.